10th Meeting

Toyama Muslim Masjid Project Committee Meeting

Date: 21 August 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 9.30 pm- 10.40 pm


1. By Bro Fakhrul:

a. discuss about are we need target amount of donation.
if yes, suggest: 10 milion yen

b. discuss about when to update the collection amount.
suggest depends on when the representatives ready.

c. how to update when Bro Adnin going back Malaysia for Ramadan.

2. By Bro Faruk:

a. discuss about plan to visit other masjid for collecting donation

3. By Bro Abdelaziz:

a. suggest increase the price of items in Halal Shop for donation to the project.

4.By Bro Aala:

a. suggest update maximum every week in Ramadan.

b. suggest remind about importance of sadakat in friday prayer.

c. suggest after Ramadan update the amount of donation every 2 weeks.


1. Postpone the decision on the target of donation amount until next meeting.
2. Bro Faruk will contact Bro Imtiaz and Bro Adnin will contact his japanese friend for collect information about the price of property to build masjid.
3. Every brother must help to do survey and search good place to be our masjid.
4.The collected donation amount will updates every 2 weeks and will be announce in Friday on web.
5. Bro Fakhrul will be back up representative to remember the bank's and post office's ATM pin number during the absence of Bro Adnin.
6.Tomorrow (Saturday 22 August) one jamaah from Mosalla will go to Toyama Mosque to discuss about the project and collect donation. Bro Faruk, Bro Fatah and Bro Fakhrul will join the jamaah.
7.Finalized leaflet will be put after this by Bro Adnin.
8.The halal Shop's items price will not be increased but one donation box will be put in Halal Shop.
9. Bro Nagih will bring the donation box for halal shop.
10.From now, Khatib for Friday Prayer will remind about the project donation.
11. Next Friday 28 August 2009 will be first update for the collected donation amount.

All the decision must not be discussed after meeting. But new suggestion about new matter from any brothers or sisters is highly appreciated.Thank you.