In the name of Allah the Most Gracious,the Most Merciful,

1.A new structure(and better organized) committee members of the Masjid Project has been selected and unanimously agreed by participants of the dated meeting.(Stucture of organization click HERE)

2.A new name has been decided for our community;
Toyama Muslim Students Community (Japan)

3.In addition to the changed name of the community,the Masjid Project's name also was revised and changed;
Toyama Muslim Students' Masjid Project

4.Meetings regarding the Masjid Project will be held every Friday.On top of that,a Grand Meeting will take place once monthly aside from the usual weekly meetings.(Please take note)

5.The usage of ETC card is limited to musolla's purpose only.

6."Hanko"'s details must be changed in recognition to the change of name of the Community and Masjid Project.

7.The title of website and both bank and post office's account will stay as it is to avoid misunderstandings and confusion of donors.

Yours sincerely,
Meor Aimann