16th July meeting

Ask donater about decision. Encourage allbrothers to donate.

1)Meet the representative(each apartment)(Bro Hakim last date 16/7)
For the donation money.

2)Brother Adnin will make a talk about Sadaqah.(Bro Adnin)

3)Brother Nagih and his group to give a story about religion.(Bro Nagih)

4)To make an activity futsal and ETC.
(Taaruf session will be held this Sunday after Maghrib).(Bro Adnin)

5)The last day to comfirm the list of person to go to donation trip.(Last date Monday 19/7)

6)Decide whether the meeting will be held once in 2 weeks after donation trip.

7)To update the website.(Bro YusSyazwan)