(1) Adnin will become the new president for MASJID PROJECT.

(2) Nagih will in charge for Car Dealer.

(3) A`la will take responsible for Transporting Group.

(4) The new leader of Outside Group will be Tanveer.

(5) The new leader of Student Group will be Akhyar.

(6) The new members of Dealer Group are Waqas & Arshad.

(7) Update the MASJID PROJECT website.
     [Responsible Person - Izuan].

(8) Make announcement regarding MASJID PROJECT.
     [Responsible Person - Iku will make announcement during Friday Prayer].
     [Responsible Person - Asyraf using Yahoo Group].

(9) The list of Masjid for the 24th trip(Winter Vacation).
      [Responsible Person - Nagih].
             -Nagoya(Minato, Toyota, Kosugai, Ichinomiya).
             -Niigata(Niigata Mosque).

(10) Adnin will make a map for the Masjid area.

(11) Collecting donation for MASJID PROJECT.
             -Egyptian Student Association Of Japan.
              [Responsible Person - A`la].
             -Malaysian Students Association Of Japan(MSAJ) & Ikatan Persaudaraan Islam Jepun(IPIJ).
              [Responsible Person - Adnin].