6TH APRIL 2012

Dear Brothers/Sisters,
Assalamu alikum wa rahmatulla he wa barakatuh. I’m very pleased to see all Brothers efforts. InshaAllah we will decide to buy masjid soon because we are very close to our target (our target is 15 million yen and 10.09 million yen was already collect). Today (6th April, after Isha) we made meeting and we make the following decision (also select the representative).
1. For Ebanteru, Brother Abdur Qahar
2. For Pusaka, Brother Abdur Qahar
3. For Himukasura, Brother Falah
4. For Pusaka Brother, Abdur Qahar
5. For Kasa and Musollah, Brother Akhyar
6. For Kopohowaito, Brother Badrul
7. For Kopohikari, Brother Izwan
8. For Girls, Sister Munira
9. For Gofuku Campus (None Malaysian Brother) Brother Hannan
10. For Sugitani Campus, Brother Sarif
11. About trip; next trip we’ll make in Golden week (4th May) InshaAllah and Brother Zamir will discuss with Brother Sarif. For coming trip, please brother sarif keep the contacts people with you and inform the details (with contact number) for each Mosques before the trip.