7th Meeting

Toyama University Masjid Project Committee Meeting

Date: 14 August 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 8.50 pm- 9.50 pm


1. By Adnin:

a. Leaflet had prepared and had be attached in TUMCJ Yahoo Group, but still have to correct it, and still not complete because of Post Office account still not be created.
b. Next monday 17 August will go to post office to create the account.
c. received donation about 20 000 YEN in PayPal account.
d. Hokuriku Bank had contacted Bro Adnin today and said they will charged 1500 YEN for transfer fees from foreign bank outside Japan into the Masjid Project account.


1. By Bro Faruk:

a. suggest himself to prepare donation box for masjid project.

2.Bro Adnin:

a. suggest to keep the paypal's donation more than 30 000 YEN before transfer into bank account because of high fees.

3. By Bro Fatah:

a. suggest meeting and financial report to put in proper filing system including refering number of document.
b. volunteer to manage the filing by taking report from Masjid Project's blog and financial update from Bank account representatives.

4.By Bro Fakhrul:

a. suggest Bro Nagih to be second representative to keep the bank account book and cash card.
b.suggest every Friday's night after I'sha make Masjid Project Committee meeting.
c. suggest this meeting to decide the amount that every muslim around Gofuku campus should donate in this project.

5. By Bro Nagih:

a. suggest every muslim around Gofuku campus should give minimum 20 000 YEN in one year.
b. volunteer to prepare the form to collect the donation.


1.Bro Faruk will prepare the donation box.
2.Bro Nagih will be second representative to keep the bank account book and bank cash card.
3.Bro Fatah will prepare the filing system and proper documentation.
4.Bro Fakhrul will continue update meeting report in website.
5.Every Friday's night after 'Isha will be Toyama University Masjid Project Committee's weekly meeting.
6.Minimum amount for Gofuku muslim should donate in the project is 20 000 YEN every year.
7. Bro Nagih will prepare the donation form for gofuku muslim donation.