8th Meeting

Daily Meeting - Emergency Meeting

Date: 16 August 2009
Day: Sunday
Time: 9.45 pm-10.30 pm


1.Our project's name "Toyama University Masjid Project" had been reported have confused meaning to understand, because this is not project which Toyama University wanted to build masjid.


1. By Bro Nagih:

a. change to Toyama University Muslim Community Masjid Project
b. agree also with suggestion Gofuku Masjid Project

2. By Bro Fakhrul

a. just change one word for not make the project seems to be completely different or too long
b. suggest Toyama Muslim Masjid Project (change the word 'University' into 'Muslim')

3. By Bro Adnin

a. suggest Toyama Gofuku Masjid Project
b. agree with suggestion Bro Fakhrul also
c. ask for how many copies leaflet needed

4. By Bro Faruk

a. suggest Toyama-shi Muslim Masjid Project
b. suggest also TUMCJ group change into Toyama Muslim Community Japan (TMCJ)


1. Project's name change into Toyama Muslim Masjid Project
2. TUMCJ group change into Toyama Muslim Community Japan (TMCJ)
3. 100 copies leaflet by this monday