Second Meeting

Toyama University Masjid Project Committee Meeting

Date: 7 August 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 8.45 pm- 9.45 pm


1. Create account bank on Monday 11 August 2009
2. Bro Fakhrul and Bro Adnin will be representatives for the account.
3. Collect information to create Post Office Account in the name of Masjid project on Monday 11 August 2009
4. Bro Adnin and Bro Faruk will prepare the leaflet.
5.Bro Aimaan selected to record donation information.
6.Every donation must record with the name of donater.
7. Ready new donation box for Masjid project
8. All muslim brother and sister living around gofuku must register name in TUMC Yahoo Group, and fill information needed in the group database.
9. Some brothers will be selected to be representatives in leaflet to be contacted for further information about Masjid project.
10. Toyama University Masjid Project donation amount until this day: 33844 YEN