Third Meeting

Daily Meeting

Date: 10 August 2009
Day: Monday
Time: 8.45 pm-9.30 pm


1. Had created Hokuriku Bank Account by the name of Toyama Musurimu Kai.
But the bank only need one representative and the representative must have Hankou.
So, Bro Adnin had been decided to be representative because he have Hankou.

2. Collected information about Post Office account:

a. there is two type of account,
i.Post Office Chuuyou Bank (Post Office ATM Cash Card holder)
ii.Money Post account (sending by money post form)

3. The difference of the two account are:

a.Post Office Chuuyou Bank

i.Person who sending money by his/her Post Office Chuuyou Bank account to our Post Office Chuuyou Bank account will be no transfer charge.

ii.Person who sending money by form at the counter (because don't have Post Office Chuuyou Bank account) to our Post Office Chuuyou Bank account will be charged about 500 YEN for sending 1000 YEN.

b.Money Post account

i. Person who sending to this account must fill the form at the counter and will be charged about 100 YEN for sending 1000 YEN.

4. Bro Adnin had showed his example of leaflet. He will send to Bro Faruk for editing after Post Office account be settled.


1.By Bro Fakhrul:

a. Bro Adnin who have Hankou and know the safe number of the ATM card (cash card) which will be made at 13 August must not keep the account book and cash card. The second representative must be selected to keep that item. Bro Fakhrul also knew the safe number of the cash card must not be the second representative.

b.For Post Office account, suggested to make both of the account for easy way in particular condition.

c.Use Bro Adnin's paypal account to receive donation by paypal.

d. After Bro Zamir come back to Toyama , one Masjid Project Committee meeting suggested to be made. (maybe wednesday)