12th Meeting

Masjid Project Committee Meeting

Date: 4 September 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 9.20pm- 10 pm


1.The cash donation all had been bank in today. The donation amount will be announced next week with other project's donation accounts.

2.Bro Aimann still preparing the donator's name list in the record.

3. The house' s owner's contact number had been collected from Fudo san on last Monday, still waiting to find good japanese speaking brother for convince the house owner to sell the house at suitable price.


By Bro Faruk:
1. ask Bro Hera in Toyama Mosque to help discuss with the house's owner.


1. Tomorrow Saturday 5th September , one jamaah from Gofuku Mosalla go to Toyama mosque to discuss with brothers there how to discuss with the house's owner and collect advices.Start go Toyama Mosque at 5.45 pm before iftar. (Bro Faruk, Bro Hanan, Bro Fatah)

2.Discuss with Dr Faisal for the plan to visits bussiness car parking at the Road Number 8 for collect donation and spread the news about the project soon.