13th Meeting

Masjid Project Committee Meeting

Date: 11 September 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 9.15 pm- 9.40 pm


1. Donation update:

cash: 51 000 YEN
Bank: 282 957 YEN
Post Office: 160 000 YEN

Total: 493 957 YEN

2. Still don't have update from Bro Imtiaz about the house owner.

3. The plan to visits bussiness car parking at Road number 8 still waiting reply from Dr Faisal.


1. One jamaah from mosalla will visit Toyama Mosque tomorrow 12 September at 'isha time for make another announcement about the project. (Bro Faruk, Bro Fatah, Bro Nagih, Bro Abdelaziz)