15th Meeting

Date: 25 September 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 8.50 pm- 9.45pm

Masjid Project Meeting

1.No Toyama Mosque's brothers can come for this meeting.

2.By Bro Nagih:
a. Donation amount updated:
Post Office: 170 000 YEN
Bank: 343 957 YEN
Cash: 0 YEN

Total: 513 957 YEN

3. By Bro Faruk:
a. Fukui brothers had shared their experience about Fukui Masjid Project. They said if only one or two brothers make effort of the project, the project will not successful. All muslim in the community should give their sacrifice :
1) give the best amount of money that they able to give.
2)give time to help collecting money from other place. Must go to other place, not only wait money come through bank or post office.


1. After all Malaysian student (about 80% of muslim student) had come back to Toyama from Malaysia after finish their holiday, one gathering will be make to encourage and give all muslim in Gofuku understand the important to support and participate seriously in the project.The gathering's date will be announced later. All brothers MUST support the project as best as they can.Not only hope others to support.

2. Prepare all muslim brothers in Gofuku Toyama to do sacrifice seriously and always ready to go other place in Japan for collecting donation and spread the information about the project. WE MUST move not only WAIT.

3. Collect information about the masjid's or mosalla's address in Japan and contact number of brothers there, to prepare the visits schedule as soon as possible.