16th Meeting

Date: 2nd October 2009
Day: Friday

Masjid Project Meeting


1. By Bro Adnin:

a. one Tabung Haji Malaysia's account had been created in Malaysia which can help people from Malaysia to donate easier than sending money to Japan.
b. Bro Adnin's father in Malaysia ready to update the donation amount collected in that account for Toyama's brother's information.
c. During Bro Adnin's holiday in Malaysia, he had collected 15000YEN.

2.By Bro Zamir:

a. During Bro Zamir's holiday in Malaysia, he had collected 5000YEN.

3.By Bro Afiq:

a. During Bro Afiq's holiday in Malaysia, he had collected 10000YEN.

4.By Bro Imtiaz:

a. Explaination about the land/bulding option that can be buy for masjid that Bro Imtiaz had found.

b. First Option: Two floors building of apartment
i. 5 minutes walk from main gate of Toyama University
ii. 22 million Yen.
iii. there is one problem is the people that now living inside the building maybe will protest to leave.
iv. still discussing with the building's owner.

c.Second Option: Plain Land
i. 5 minutes with bicycle from main gate of Toyama University
ii. 16 million Yen
iii. the problem is we still need to collect money to build the masjid's building on the land

d. Report about buying current Gofuku Mosalla
i.The Resident Society (Kumi-ai) not so happy at the beginning the house owner give permission for muslim make activities in the house that now been use for Mosalla.
ii. They tolerate because before the house used for Mosalla, the agreement had been signed for allowing Bro Adnin and Bro Fakhrul live in the house for two years. They can't force the owner.
iii. But if the discussion about buying the house started, the Kumi-ai will protest and ask all muslim stop make activities in their living area.
iv. It is advised by Bro Imtiaz's japanese friend also not to start discuss about buying the house if we still want to continue make activities in Gofuku Mosalla before buying new place.
v.Japan Goverment also don't like religious place near the campus area, Gofuku Mosalla reported had been watching by goverment authorities.
vi. Still, the discussion can be made for buying the house by asking Bro Imtiaz's japanese friend discuss with the house owner by his name not by the name of muslim community.


1. By Bro Fakhrul:

a. the update for donation amount is suggested to make it every week in weekly meeting. (previously the updates are once for every two weeks).

2.By Bro Faruk:

a.make groups for collecting donation in other place.
b. all brothers in community must ready to make sacrifice, not only money but also time.

3. By Bro Ahsan:

a.go to other place for collecting donation with someone that the people in that place know, for better communication.

4. By Bro Nagih:

a. The 20 000 Yen donation from each person every year that had been decided before is just donation for start. It must be completed so the continuos donation can be made.

5. By Bro Imtiaz:

a.Don't worry about the money, don't rushing or hurry, the important is make good niyah(intention) with ikhlas that the effort for building masjid only for the sake of Allah.
b. Collecting donation from other place must be think is the way for other people can also have chances to spend money in the path of Allah.
c.make 2 raka'ah of solah (prayer) and do'a to Allah, because the effort for building masjid not from our own power, but we 100% depend to Allah's will. Only Allah can make the effort be succeed and accept our intention and amal.


1. The donation updates will be made every week by Bro Nagih and Bro Adnin start from next meeting.
2. All brothers in this comunity must all ready to make sacrifice and seriously participate in the effort. It is good if all brothers can join the weekly meeting for easy way to distribute the task especially when we want make group to go other places for collecting donation .
3. All brothers continue to collect information and give report in next meeting.
4. All brothers must start donate 20 000 YEN for each person and do not wait for so long to start donate.