17th Meeting

Date: 9th October 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 7.30pm-9.15pm

Masjid Project Meeting


1. By Bro Nagih:

a. this week Bro Nagih little busy and will update the donation amount next week.


1. By Bro Fakhrul:

a. Suggest a group is created among the Malaysian students who will be participating in Gifu Football Match on the 17th of October to visit Gifu Masjid and ask the help of their community to spread the information about this project. If it is possible, to start a collection of donation too.

b. there is problem with the style in encouraging Toyama student to donate the starting donation 20 000YEN that look like forcing, but the problem is individual problem (the weakness of Bro Fakhrul's style of encouraging people) that can be solve if all student gives their contribution and select the best and softest speaker among the student to replace the "encouraging job" done before.

c. we must hurry to donate and help collecting donation because we don't know in the future are we have money to donate or time to help collecting donation.The death also will come anytime. The opportunity of doing goodness will not always come.

"..They were ever quick in emulation in good works; they used to call on Us with love and reverence, and humble themselves before Us." (al Anbiya:90)

"..sesungguhnya mereka sentiasa berlumba-lumba dalam mengerjakan kebaikan dan sentiasa berdoa kepada kami dengan penuh harapan serta gerun takut dan mereka pula sentiasa khusyuk (dan taat) kepada Kami."(al Anbiya:90)

2. By Bro Adnin:

a. Don't be to harsh and force anyone in collecting donation because we are not so hurry to get money and the brother will feel uneasy and not ikhlas to donate.

b. Collect donation during the "Da'wah to one house per day" which is Mosalla's daily activity.

c. Ready for help the mission to Gifu suggesting by Bro Fakhrul.

3. By Bro Nagih:

a. We should not forcing people,yes.But we must force ourself to donate (in getting ikhlas) and hurry to help encouraging other people to donate.

b. ready to spread information about this project during the visit to Kanazawa on Saturday (10th Oct)

c. every person in this meeting that had volunteered to become leader, please attend every meeting as possible as we can.

4. By Bro Ahsan:

a. We are not doing enforcement but we should generate the enforcement to donate (motivation to donate and sacrifice)

5. By Bro Faruk:

a. If all brothers ready to sacrifice then we can easily distribute the duties and task including the collecting donation group from outside, the "encouraging people" speaker, the daily "da'wah to one house per day" with donation box , ect. So it will not be done by same two or three brothers only.

6. By Bro Abdel Aziz:

a. all person in this community is a leader of himself, besides we create groups and select leaders to collect donation from other people, why not ourself be the "group and leader" for collecting donation from ourself (start from ourself to donate).

b. ready to spread the information about this project during visiting Sapporo and Tsukuba.

7. By Bro Aalaa:

a. suggest the systematic way in this project mission:

i. SMART method (Spesific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time)

ii. All spesific target must be cleared (the mission must answer the question "who, what, where, when, which, why")

iii. The mission must consider the other point also (measurable, attainable, realistic and the time)

b. suggest the meeting decide the short target amount which is one of the way to encourage people to donate. People will not helping to donate or lazy to help because they don't know how they can complete the donation amount because the target and the time to complete the target are unclear.

c. select spesific criteria of the group for collecting donation and select the best man that have the skills in that criteria. For example :

i. Gofuku Campus Student Group (donation from the student): Bro Adnin be the leader

ii. Car Sellers Group (donation from car sellers): Bro Faisal be the leader because he have good skills in communication with the sellers.

d. Lets the leader do their job by focus in their spesific group and we challenge all leaders to compete each other in completing the donation short target.

"..so strive as in a race in all virtues. The goal of you all is to Allah; it is He that will show you the truth of the matters in which ye dispute;" (al Maidah:48)

"..Oleh itu berlumba-lumbalah kamu membuat kebaikan (beriman dan beramal soleh). Kepada Allah jualah tempat kembali kamu semuanya, maka Dia akan memberitahu kamu apa yang kamu berselisihan padanya."(al Maidah:48)


1.One group will be created for collecting Masjid Project donation among the Malaysian student that will go to Gifu Football Match 17th October.

2. Bro Adnin will be the group leader and responsible to select group members to go to Gifu masjid for collecting donation, collecting information, ask for the help from members of the masjid, and build the dual-communication between Gofuku Mosalla and Gifu Masjid for future benefits.

3. Bro Nagih will be representative to spread the Masjid project information on Saturday (10th Oct) in Kanazawa.

4. Bro Abdel Aziz will be representative to spread the Masjid project information during his visits at Sapporo and Tsukuba.

5. The spesific groups and leaders that suggested by Bro Aala will be decided in next meeting.

6. The short target amount also will be decided in next meeting.

7. The new updates of the donation also will be decided in next meeting.