18th Meeting

Date: 16th October 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 7.20 pm-8.20 pm

Masjid Project Meeting


1. By Bro. Fakhrul:

a. Bro. Nagih cannot come, so no update for donation amount this week.
b. One week the daily da'wah to one house had bring the donation box and the brothers who been visited seem supporting the efforts.
c. 8 brothers ready for trip to Osaka (24th and 25th Oct)


1. By Bro Fakhrul:

a. suggest to continue the effort of bringing the donation box during daily da'wah to one house.
b.suggest the meeting discuss about the suggestion given by Bro. Aala last week:

i.the monthly target for donation- Bro Aala suggest 500 000 Yen, average three group collect 150 000 Yen.

ii. select leaders for the three groups:
-Student Group
-Car Sellers and Bussiness men (suggestion from Bro Aala: Dr Faisal be the leader of this group)
-Out-of-Toyama donations

c. suggest the leader for the groups:

i. Student Group- Bro Hakim
ii. Car Sellers and Bussiness men- Dr Faisal
iii- Out-of-Toyama donations- Bro Faruk

d. suggest the monthly target for donation that each group can collect: 150 000 Yen

e.suggest the meeting discuss about two jamaah that will go outside:

i. Jamaah to Gifu: 17th Oct
ii. Jamaah to Osaka: 24th Oct

2. By Bro Faruk:

a. Suggest the brother that will be visited for da'wah and collect donation be contacted first and announce about the visits after daily ta'lim.

b.If the brothers who ready to go to Osaka next week more than 6 brothers, then suggest the group be divided into two or three groups and go different masjids.

c.Announce about the next week trip after daily ta'lim and ask more brothers to join the trip, so more groups can be created.

d. The jamaah that will go to Gifu on 17th Oct, suggest to bring leaflets and give the leaflets to Gifu brothers every prayer.

e. Monthly target for each group suggested by Bro Aala, suggest 100 000 Yen.

3. By Bro Aimann:

a. suggest the monthly target should start with low target so it will not possible to archieve, and will be increase every month.

b. suggest the monthly target for the groups suggested by Bro Aala depends on the target groups. The student group should be lower than others.

4. By Bro Hakim:

a. suggest the donations that receives during daily da'wah be recorded well, so all the donator's names written and known.

b.suggest monthly target for student group, 70 000 Yen.

c. suggest the jamaah that will go to Gifu during Gifu Football Match 17th Oct, discuss with organizer to receive permission to put donation box and pamphlets on counter and can make announcement about the donation during the event.

d. suggest the leader for student group, Bro Adnin.

5. By Bro Firdaus:

a. suggest monthly target for student group, 60 000 Yen.

6. By Bro Fatah:

a. agree with suggestion by Bro Aala and monthly target for each group is 150 000 Yen.

7. By Bro Adnin:

a. make reminder script to remind every after prayer the do'a to ask Allah's help this masjid project.


1. The effort bring the donation box during daily da'wah can continue.

2. The monthly target for each group 150 000Yen and will discuss about it again after 1 month trial.

3.The leader for the groups:

a. Student Group: Bro Hakim
b. Car Sellers and Bussiness men: Dr Faisal
c. Out-of-Toyama donations: Bro Faruk

3. The jamaah that will go to Gifu 17th October will bring donation box, pamphlets, and will try to co-operate with the Gifu Football Match Organizer to make announcement about the donation.

4. Pamphlets also will be spread in Gifu masjid.

5. Try to ask more brothers to join next week trip until wednesday and will decide how much group and the places that can be visited other than Osaka.

6. Announce about the trip after every daily ta'lim.

7. Reminder script to remind about the do'a will be manage by Bro Fakhrul.