19th Meeting

Date: 23th October 2009
Day: Friday
Time: 7.30pm-8.45pm

Masjid Project Meeting


1.By Bro Nagih:

a. Donation amount update:

Bank account: 506 957 YEN
P/O account: 180 008 YEN
Cash: 0 YEN

Total: 686 965 YEN

b. For trip to Osaka on Saturday 24th there is ETC card but no ETC machine if going by highway.

c. estimated cost of the trip around 40 000YEn to be prepare.

2. By Bro Zamir:

a. 5000YEN collected from friday prayer for trip to Osaka.


1. By Bro Faisal:

a. ready to be leader of car sellers donation group.

b.should asking donation from the car sellers on the working days from 12 pm to 4 pm.

c. the car sellers donation group must contains all countries representative that is available in the student community.

d. official receipt should be prepared for car sellers donation.

2. By Bro Aala:

a. make the muslim woman in the Toyama University students also join the effort of this Masjid Project.

b. suggest his wife to be assistant to ask donation from the woman's group.

c. suggest Bro Hakim make survey and list of the student who not paid yet the 20 000Yen for yearly Masjid project donation.

d. suggest Bro Abdel Aziz to be assistant of Bro Hakim.

3. By Bro Adnin:

a. ready to make hanko for the receipt by the name of Toyama Muslim Student Community Japan.

b. suggest make hanko from Malaysia because cheaper than Japan.

c.ready to join car sellers donation group on Tuesday from 2pm until 5 pm.

d. woman group will make meeting and Bro Aala's wife will be informer about the meeting progress.

4. By Bro Hakim:

a. ready to make survey and list of the student who not paid yet the 20 000YEN.

5. By Bro Faruk:

a. suggest only one car go for the trip to Osaka because not enough ETC machine and card.

b. half of those who had give name to join the trip will go another place next 3 weeks.


1. The representative of car sellers donation group:

i. Bro Faisal (group leader) -Pakistan
ii. Bro Aala - Egypt
iii. Bro Hanan - Bangladesh
iv.Bro Ahsan - Kashmir
v. Bro Adnin- Malaysia
vi. Bro Fatah- Malaysia

2.the car sellers donation group will make meeting among themselves to decide the details.

3. Bro Aala will be assistant of Bro Hakim for Sugitani Campus student group and will make update to Bro Hakim about the donation from there.

4.Bro Aala's wife will be informer for woman's group. One meeting among woman student will be held next week.

5. For Osaka Trip on 24th- 25th October:

i. Bro Faruk (amir)
ii. Bro Nagih
iii. Bro Hakim
iv. Bro Zamir
v.Bro Rifki
vi. Bro Fakhrul

6. For trip to other masjid on 14th-15th November:

i.Bro Faruk
ii.Bro Faisal
iii.Bro Ahsan
iv. Bro Adnin
v. Bro Firdaus
vi.Bro Tanweer
vii.Bro Faiz
viii.Bro Hakim

7.The donation collected from friday prayer and this meeting will use to buy one ETC machine before Osaka Trip. Bro Hakim and Bro Adnin will go to buy it.